Our Sanitisation Process

We are committed to the highest sanitary wig practices. All our wigs are laundered, conditioned, styled and ready to wear out of the door from the moment you purchase.

Quality Assurance

We source high quality pre-owned and wigs from private closets in Canada and the United States. All units are inspected for defects before we accept them. Occasionally wigs with minor defects like elastic band replacements or tiny lace rips are acceptable. Any pre-existing defects are carefully fixed and we disclose this information in the description of the product for buyers to make an informed purchase.


Our Process

  1. Cleaning: We start with a thorough yet careful laundering using salon-quality shampoo.
  2. Conditioning: They're conditioned for a minimum of 24 hours to revitalize and moisturize each strand. This ensures they look healthy after styling.
  3. Air Dried: Wigs are dried naturally to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear.
  4. Styling: Depending on the style, we use a curling or flat iron. To preserve their pattern, we don't style naturally wavy wigs (they already look great!).
  5. Storage: Each wig is individually stored in plastic packaging to keep it fresh and clean as it waits for it's second life with a new owner.