Our Story


My name is Pamela Anoliefo and I am the founder of Manes4Less. As mum of three and a busy professional, I had very little time for personal grooming and discovered wigs as a quick & easy way to have great hair every day.

However over time my collection of wigs grew and soon discovered that I wasn't utilising up to 20% of my wig inventory.So I took the wigs I had not worn in ages to the local consignment store but  they not were willing to buy them. Discouraged, I took my wigs back and found a way to sell them; the wigs sold out in days, and customers wanted more.

I figured that I could not be the only one experiencing this challenge, so I talked to my friends and family, but no surprise, other women had the same problem lacking options to sell their wigs and get some money for their fashion investments. My friends were glad to declutter their wig closets and make some cash.

Voila!! Manes4Less was born, creating sustainability in the hair extensions industry.

MANES4LESS is a unique business creating sustainability in the beauty industry by offering a marketplace to buy and sell pre-owned human hair wigs. We create a community for women who share a passion for great hair.

We love wigs so much, just like you and understand the importance of a great shopping experience, that is why we source second-hand wigs of the highest quality and sell them at the most affordable prices available anywhere else.

We believe that women everywhere have the right to look fabulous without breaking the bank.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Pamela Anoliefo

Founder & CEO, Manes4Less